How Many Knots of Macrame Are There

How Many Macrame Knots Are There?

This is a common question I get in my classes and really there are only a few foundation knots and then variations of them. Macrame is such a great DIY craft since once you learn these foundation knots, you’ll notice a majority of the macrame pieces are created with knots you know!

Basic Knots of Macrame

  • Larks Head Knot (how you attach your ropes)

  • Square Knot (and Alternating Square Knot)

  • Half Square Knot (Spiral)

  • Clove Hitch (Horizontal and Diagonal)

  • Wrapping Knot

And that’s it!
99% of my pieces are created with these knots.

Illustrated Knot Guide

To get you started on your macrame journey, I’d love to offer you my full illustrated knot guide! It includes a how-to-tie guide for all the foundation knots of macrame. Each knot has written instructions as well to help you with the step-by-step.

Interested? I’ll email it over!

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What tools do I need for macrame

What Tools Do I Need for Macrame?

When I started, I worked off a nail on the wall, a clothes hanger hung from a nail in a doorway, and off my shower curtain rod in the bathroom!

I always encourage you to work on your pieces hanging so you can see that rows are straight and tension is good. I now have a clothes rack I like to work from.

I use these s-hooks to hang my pieces and typically attach my pieces to wood dowels or metal rings.

Types of Cotton Rope

  • Braided (I use this for plant hangers)

  • Single Strand (softer cord, needs proper tension)

  • 3-Strand (best for beginners and untwists to fringe)

Don’t want to assemble all your own materials? Grab a kit from my shop to make a plant hanger or wall hanging!